Diyas, mithais and lights-The Diwali vibe is here!

Written by Shikha B.

The fairy lights turning houses and malls into twinkling colourful structures announce the festival of diwali on the island. Fireworks are soon to follow, along with brightly adorned men, women and children who will be busy lighting clay lamps and distributing Indian sweets to their families and loved ones during this celebration of light and happiness. Some will dance and rejoice and some will pray as diwali often takes the meaning you give it. In the epic story of Ramayana, Diwali represents the triumph of good over evil following the triumph of Rama (an incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu) over the evil Ravana. Spiritually however, it represents the importance of light dispelling darkness, knowledge destroying ignorance and the importance of pure thoughts. This is why most Hindus clean their houses symbolically as well so that abundance enters their home in every single way. We welcome you to be your best sparkling selves and celebrate this dazzling festival of lights with us in Mauritius!


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